The Clockwork System™

The Clockwork System™ includes:

>>11 Comprehensive Training Modules

 You’ll learn our proprietary operational efficiency system so you can apply it to your business immediately. Get instant access to the curriculum of the program including simple, short video and audio lessons .

>>Dozens of Templates and Tools

We’ve spent years refining the core tools in The Clockwork System™, and now they’re accessible to you! You’ll have everything you need to implement Clockwork.

>>Team Access To The Entire Course

This is not just for YOU; it’s for your team too. The faster they get access, the faster you get support with implementation. They’ll be INSPIRED to hop in and get to work with you!

11 Modules

Module 1: The Clockwork System™️

Objective:  To become familiar with the framework of clockworking a business and start shifting your way of thinking.

Minutes of video: 27

Module 2: Identify + Promise

Objective: To identify who the ideal customer is (and who is not) and determine what is being promised to them.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 11 

Module 3: Determine the QBR

Objective: To determine the company’s QBR, which is HOW to deliver the big promise as a home run every time.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 29

Module 4: Protect + Serve the QBR

Objective: To determine primary roles for you + your team.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 15

Module 5: 4D Mix

Objective: To gather data on how you and your team are spending your time so you can start to trim and trash.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 30

Module 6: 3T + Delegation Tools

Objective: To determine all of your Ts for time tracking and to start to delegate the transfers.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 51

Module 7: Capture Systems + Processes

Objective: To learn how to capture processes and systems to better transfer tasks, create easier access to how the business operates, and reduce friction if someone is out of the office or exits the business.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 25

Module 8: Balance the Team

Objective: To assess skills + traits for tasks to make sure the right people are in the right roles.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 18

Module 9: Metrics

Objective: To identify which metrics help with making decisions in your business and to create a dashboard to track those metrics.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 43

Module 10: Bottlenecks

Objective: To identify your most pressing bottleneck that needs to be solved first and create a plan to solve it.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 21

Module 11: Vacation Planning

Objective: To prepare for being out of the office and debrief upon return.

Minutes of video: 4 min + 30 min of audio

Modules for this product 11
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